Band of the Week #2 - Keir

Yesterday was Bristol's Dot to Dot festival, a rich and sometimes overwhelming celebration of new bands and talent. To watch even 20% of the artists playing over the city in one day (even if you're Big Jeff) is a near impossible feat. Out of all the artists we did manage to see however, Keir was a definite stand out. 

The first time we saw Keir was actually many years ago at The Mothers Ruin. One of us was sound engineering at that time (back when that was our main source of income) and also before Keir was even performing under that name we believe. 

Since then Keir has come leaps and bounds. His single 'Squeeze Me' gives you the feeling that great things are to come from this artist. His songs are powerful, gripping and expertly refined.  Yesterdays performance at The Fleece was both mesmerising and audacious, without a doubt one of the highlights of the whole festival. 

Listen to more Keir here: