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It’s 2019 and this year there are more compelling, inspiring and outright outrageous music documentaries to watch than ever before. This recent decade has seen films like Amy and Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck enjoy significant popularity through cinema releases and features on streaming services. It’s the golden age of cinematic musical storytelling, the one downside being simply, choosing…

As a musician, I’ve seen countless documentaries from the legendary masterpieces to the tragically awful. Some were recommended to me by friends and musicians, some I’ve found myself and some I questioned how I ever ended up watching them.

It can be arduous searching for and choosing a worthwhile documentary and it’s all the more disappointing when you watch one and want that hour or two of your life back. So, I felt now was the right time to compile a list of my favourite top 10 musical documentaries which you can use to help you and your friends find your new favourite.

This list includes a few of the major recent films but also some of the more underrated documentaries that you might not have seen or heard of before. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for some special mentions and leave a comment if you’ve watched some and want to share your thoughts or perhaps you have your own top 10 list?

It’s worth noting, I don’t listen to or even like some of the bands music featured in these films, but you can still share their musical journey and take something from each story.

Dec Burdge (Brockley Forest)

10. We Are Twisted F***ing Sister! (Twisted Sister)

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You probably hate their music but you have to respect and commend this band’s determination and work ethic. A great lesson on the power of persistence and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks about you.

9 . The Story of Anvil (Anvil)

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I feel like this is the brother equivalent to Twisted Sister. Another band you have to respect for not giving up on the dream. The real Spinal Tap.

8. I hate the way you love (The Kills)

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A short but sweet lo-fi documentary capturing life on the road with one of the coolest duos in music.

7. Under Great Northern Lights (The White Stripes)

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A magical insight into an iconic musical duo. While most bands were ordered to tour the necessary circuits and cities around the world to capitalise on their success, Jack and Meg embark on a cross-country Canadian tour to accomplish their goal of performing in every province and territory across the expansive northern nation.

6. Supersonic (Oasis)

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This film documents the meteoric rise of The Gallagher Brothers and of course their debaucherous rock n roll antics, inevitably propelling them to international fame and notoriety. As Liam says ‘it’s biblical’.

5. Don’t look back (Bob Dylan)

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I am a fan of Scorsese’s ‘No Direction Home’ on Dylan but there’s something about this one which felt more special. If anything, it’s fascinating just to watch everyday 60s English life go by in black and white.

4. Universal Mind of Bill Evans (Bill Evans)

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One of the greatest minds of the twentieth century and simply a man of great wisdom. Listen closely and you can learn some profound lessons, not just in music, but in life itself.

3. Searching for Sugar man (Rodriguez)

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This story blew my mind. An unbelievable documentary from an unlikely musical hero.

2. Dig (Brian JonesTown Massacre/Dandy Warhols)

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A shocking and hilarious film about friendship, rivalry and chaos. Highly recommended.

  1. Hullaballoo documentary (Muse)

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To most people, this will be a surprising and debatable number 1 choice. However, in my opinion Muse in 2001 were at their absolute peak and their live DVD took them to a whole new level for me. In the Hullaballoo DVD, was disk 1 - live show at the Paris Zenith and disk 2 - tour documentary. This documentary changed everything for me and has inspired me to pursue my passions of travelling, playing music and living a life of adventure with your friends. I’d like to thank my good friend and fellow musician Harriet Mason for exposing me to this revelation.

*Please note the link to this is not the full documentary. I recommend either buying the DVD or looking elsewhere online to find the full version.

0. Special mention: Once

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Technically this isn’t a documentary so I didn’t include in the top 10 documentary list but in my opinion it’s the most underrated music film ever made. Made for a budget of just €112,000, it’s an uplifting and beautiful story starring two struggling musicians in Dublin, Ireland.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Do feel free to comment and share your own top 10 lists.

For those of you that thought €112,000 was a small budget, you can watch my first ever band tour video which was made with a £50 camera and gigs around the UK from Plymouth to the Peak District


It’s the anniversary of our Rubicon music video release. Filmed by Zoltan Nagy and edited by Laurence Howell.

All the artwork in the video was created by Jac Teach.

Lyrics: I’m trying to get my head round what you said to me in the car

Both uninviting and enticing with your delicious smile

I’m standing on the edge and wondering if today I’ll fly

If I will fall then baby today I’ll fall into the sky

It’s getting harder, any second your gonna say your goodbyes

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

Hey now, wait a minute

Maybe better think this through

No turning back now

No turning back now

Hey now, wait a minute

Maybe better think this through

No turning back now

No turning back now

Too late to save me, I’m not crazy I’m just hungry for more

Is your grievance the same reason your debating it for

You made a promise that your conscious wouldn’t get in the way

It’s time to let go, say your farewell, learn to love what you hate

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

Hey now, wait a minute

Maybe better think this through

No turning back now

No turning back now

Hey now, wait a minute

Maybe better think this through

No turning back now

No turning back now

Here we reach the point of no return, please don’t say another word, the die has been cast

A thousand eyes blink once, too late they’re gone, south across the Rubicon, seeking something new

If only you could see what lies beyond…

Brockley Forest - Castaway EP Launch - Friday May 11th

BF EP launch.jpg

On Friday May 11th, Brockley Forest will be playing live at The Old Bookshop on North Street, Bedminster, celebrating the release of their new Castaway EP. 

+ Special Guest support TBA soon.

Free Entry (first come, first serve as this venue has 80 capacity) 

Poster by Niko Mar

Back in the Studio - New music for 2018

It's been over 2 years since we recorded our last EP. Next weekend we'll be returning to the studio to record the best songs written since that time.


Looking forward to sharing them all with you in early 2018. You can hear these tracks live at @hy_brasil_music_club this Wednesday - our last show of 2017.


Rubicon - Live at New Cut Studios, Bristol

You can now watch our live studio session performing 'Rubicon' at New Cut Studios in Bristol.

Recorded and mixed by Scot McKenzie  

Filmed by Zoltan Nagy and Viktoria Kuti

Making of Taboo

We go in depth with Rock at Night to discuss the making of our music video Taboo, the Alan Watts philosophy behind the track, the inner workings of the band and all the great people that came together to create something new. Read the full interview here and share your thoughts on the creative process.